Gulf Calibration Lab

Gulf Calibration Lab supports the GCC market in maintaining safe and effective operation by ensuring that all the associated Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) meets its performance specification. This is achieved by undertaking regular, quality-controlled calibrations against measurement standards which have calibration results that are traceable, in an unbroken chain to the international System of Units – the SI System. 

Provided Services:

  • Perform Calibration Services According to Standards in the Company’s Labs.
  • Perform Repair Services.
  • Perform on Site Calibration Services at the Customer Request.
  • Managing Calibration Across the Company’s Network
  • Perform Services in the Field of Inspection, Audits and Safety.


The Gulf Calibration Lab provides its calibration services through its labs located across the Kingdom. The labs are equipped with up to date equipment capable of serving a wide variety of the customers’ calibration needs. The Gulf Calibration Lab is also able to access its wide network of partners to accommodate any customers specific needs.

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