Testing and Calibration Services

  1. Testing (type, routine, development and special test), inspection and certification of power equipment for voltages up to 420 kV including renewable Power Systems.
  2. Calibration and Repair of Electrical, Mechanical and Thermodynamic Measuring equipment; including on site services.
  3. Provide highly professional commissioning services primarily to the energy sector including generation plants and Substation reinforcement &Upgrading.
  4. Oil Lab services including Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA), Oil Quality Tests, etc.
  5. Provide Third-Party Inspection Services, including Quality Assurance and Factory Acceptance Tests.

Power Systems Studies

  1. Evaluate Power Systems reliability and security for highly critical production plants and recommend improvements for less unplanned shutdowns due to power interruption.
  2. Investigation of Power Interruptions or equipment failures that lead to production interruption and give third party opinion including detailed reports.
  3. Analyzing system/assets Performance.

Engineering Services

  1. Develop and/or Review material standards and specifications to meet the technical requirements for design; engineering, manufacturing, inspection, testing and performance of indoor & outdoor equipment.
  2. Support clients for HVDC interconnections for the bulk transmission of electrical power.
  3. Support Clients in each and all parts of projects: Systems Specification & Studies, Vendors’ Qualifications, Tender Technical Specifications & Tender Assistance, Technical and Economical Evaluation of Offers and Design Review.
  4. Smart technologies studies. (feasibility studies, selection, performance evaluation …etc)
  5. Check, Study and Evaluate Buildings and facilities energy efficiency.

Asset Management

  1. Power equipment life assessment and equipment operational behavior studies that lead to performance enhancement and support asset owners with large scale services, from consulting to solution development.
  2. Equipment subject matter experts available upon request for fast and quick consultations.
  3. Evaluate the efficiency and the effectiveness the exiting maintenance and operation management activity, with emphasis on the Asset Management from both prospective; technically and economically.

Solar Energy Services

1.Solar PV Module Testing and Certification, (according to IEC ,UL and National Standards)

  • Design Qualification & Type Approval Test
  • Safety Qualification Test
  • Extended environmental tests.
  • Sand Blasting test.
  • Salt Mist corrosion test.
  • PID Sequence test.
  • Ammonia corrosion test.
  • Factory Acceptance test.
  • Certification of Type approval & conformity Assessment.

2.Engineering and Consultation Services

  • Feasibility Studies.
  • Resource Assessment.
  • Site Assessment.
  • Plants Design Review and Validation.
  • Energy Yield Assessment.
  • Data Bankability Studies.
  • Data Measurement Stations Assessment.
  • Independent Consultations.

3.On-Site Services

  • Construction Planning & Monitoring Services
  • Pre-commissioning Tests.
  • Plants Performance Assessment.
  • Failure investigation.
  • Auditing & Inspection.


  • Equipment and system standard developments.
  • Value chain Localization enablers and strategy.
  • RE technology and system modeling and simulation.
  • Efficiency enhancement and regional environmental adaptation requirements.

Environmental and Safety Services

  1. Provide Environmental Technical Services including Environmental Permitting, Environmental Studies, Environmental Monitoring Plans, Modelling Plants’ Air Quality Systems, etc.
  2. Safety and Fire Fighting Services; Testing Products for withstand firm protection and resistance according to related Standards & Codes, and, Developing electrotechnical Safety and Fire resistance standards & codes.


Provide high quality educational training and certification expertise as a global provider of technical and engineering services to customers throughout the energy value chain; including business and technical consultancy, engineering, operational support and education.