We understand the strong connection between industrial cybersecurity and process safety. We have expertise in both fields and work with leading energy and petrochemical companies to help them integrate industrial cybersecurity into process safety by adopting an engineering-driven lifecycle approach.
ATS's approach to industrial cyber security maintains that exceptional defense must be built from the ground up. This involves a holistic method that encompasses all levels of protection strategies into one integrated solution from monitoring for potential threats and implementing various ICS/OT defense plans to continuous maintenance of the integrity of your chosen security solution


Established in 2003, ATS started as a specialized EPC telecom contractor, providing engineering design, materials and equipment procurement, and project construction. With almost 18 years of regional experience, ATS is now the industry leader, combining products and technical expertise with client-focused services.
Utilizing an all-angle approach to providing the best possible solution for each specific client and their needs, ATS focuses on and delivers the best in networking, audio-visual collaboration, and security and safety.

Expertise and Solutions

We provide the telecom and cyber security solutions needed for your company to stay ahead of the industry.

Expertise Includes:

OT/ICS Cyber Security Solutions

Communication Systems Solutions